Year: 2014
Services: UI/UX, Webdesign


Case study

Vazco is polish based developer with major clients all over the world. They found our company online in search of a design studio to create a new website. Vazco came to us without any branding except stock logo.

To start with we updated and tuned up the logo. Then we created ideas around the branding, despite there not being any branding element to design except a new website. Although this process was rather unusual, we were able to achieve a very distinctive style. We also suggested a new structure and user interface.   

Due to our cooperation with the clients webpage, we were given many award (like the AWWWWards) and features over the internet.

Brand colours

Since the company was founded, Vazco had made use of a certain colour scheme.  It consisted of green and blue which was taken from the company logo. 

We have decided to refresh and modernise these colours to give the brand a more characteristic look.

Brand typography

After discussions with our client, we realised that they operated exclusively online. So it was critical to choose a font that is not only legible, but also distinctive at first glance.

Art direction - photography, graphic elements, iconography.

Whilst designing a style for the website we were looking for a minimalistic, clean and dynamic style that would evoke a sense of confidence.
We believe we have designed a layout that presents the company in a clear, modern and timeless fashion and one which does not interfere with the content of the website.

User experience and interface

To navigate effectively around large content of the website, we have implemented a special two-step navigation.  This allows viewers to not just travel between different pages, but also to navigate to specific parts of web pages. Style and animation have also been taken into consideration. 

Originally designed to be viewed solely on large screens, the website now can also be viewed on mobile devices. 

A glimpse on final design

Finally, the website includes more than 10 unique pages. Each one was given unique characteristics of the project. After nearly a month of work our client and his partners were very pleased.

We are pleased that this design received many awards (such as the AWWWards) as well as numerous features over the internet.