Year: 2013
Servces: Viusal identity, Webdesign, Development


Case study

A big branding and webdesign project for UK based company.


We took care of look of the offices so they look professional and help people feel part of somethin bigger.

Stationary materials

Designing all the stationary materials for Service4home was quiet a challange. The main goal was not only to create a graphic project but also provide full printing service so client will save his time and get the highest quality possible.


We were asked to create fist and main adverising idea and poster. After few months of those materials in action we got an amazing response from clients. Our work helped client not only to get more customers but build recognition fo the brand.

Car fleet

Because the core of S4h is providing service in client home we suggested to create easy to spot car. Cars are now wrapped with contact information nad company slogan that we also created during design process.

Webdesign and Development

S4h has a number of services in its offer so creating a website required extremally good information archtecture. We designed and developed a website for company that serves as an information and are encouraged to contact.