Year: 2014
Services: UI/UX, Webdesign


Case study

LivingBooks is an online service that allows simultaneous writing and editing with direct access to community feedback, anywhere, any time.

We received only few main mock-ups from the client and our job was to create very professional and natural User Interface that combined with our elegant graphic design would create an very unique User Experience. During design process we have also suggested and created many additional pages and solutions that client didn’t even think about. As a result client got a lot better service than previously had.

Living books is a very complex service that combines not only writing but also communication and social components like comments, sharing and raking book fragments and uncanny cooperation between writers and readers.


Webdesign branding

You could say that a way how a user navigates a webside, how an interface works and what experience it gives is part of a website branding.
However, we always aim to go one step further.

The website should be a brand in itself. As with any project as well here we selected a professional and unique color palette and designed characteristic elements of the user interface.

Thanks to that approach client website falls into users memory which is a huge advantage over the competition for choosing or recommendation of a service.

Responsive desktop-class web application.

One of the main goal for the client was to create solution that is accessible form any device at any time. Creating so complex UI that keep consistent and intuitive across all the devices wasn’t an easy task.

Thanks to our good understanding and knowing the capabilities and design patterns of mobile phones, tablets and desktops we created consistent solution across all the available devices.

As a result it doesn’t matter how user will access this service. It will always be presented in a familiar and intuitive way.