Year: 2015
Services: Branding, UI/UX, Webdesign


Case study

For many companies this kind of project is quite unusual and difficult. For us, it is simply the complexity consistent with our approach to projects so that we can provide a far more effective solutions.

The client came to us only with the idea and outline what he wants to achieve. So as a first step we made sure to create a brand for his startup so that easily remain in the minds of users.

As a main element we designed the structure and functionality of the service by creating a preliminary specification which helped create the whole website. Website process huge amounts of data in real time and presents them in a clear and attractive graphs and charts. Creating this system was the biggest challenge of the project.



We designed and developed fully responsive website. We took care of the appropriate behavior of elements during scanning while maintaining the 3 main break points.

All the UI and UX solutions were based on UI patterns adequate for each type of device the website can be used on, that includes desktop, tablets and mobile.

Dynamic charts and rating engine

Designed from the ground up for us charting system for CorpoGate processes and displays the huge amounts of data in real time. The data are presented in a clear way and through the use of animation and the corresponding color whole is very attractive visually.

The chart is a tool to display almost any graph or operating ranking on data available on the website. The whole thing is very easy to use.

Focus on the main views

The main view is the landing page, which not only presents the most important information and sections of the site, but with adequate exposure of the most important functionality prompts the user to explore the page.

The second view which we found to be a key is the dynamic site of each company. It contains all the key quotes (eg. In the rankings and their change over time), a summary of evaluations, dynamic charts with the time fames and recently added user ratings.

More than 30 different views

The whole project was handled by us comprehensively since the logo design. Eventually service consists of more than 30 views, each of which works without a problem on a desktop, tablet and smartphone.

In addition to the service we have created mailing templates with weekly summaries for companies tracked by every particular user.