Bid the Style

Year: 2014
Servces: Branding, Webdesign, Web development


Case study

The only auction portal for luxury fashion online! Find fashion, trend and fine designs.

The focal and the most important thing during the design process was the target group. We had to bear in mind that Bid The Style is mainly aimed at women who cannot afford luxury products at expensive prices.

Bid The Style has at its core the idea of the ultimate auctions portal, with no reserve prices, for all fashion lovers around the world. It was created to fulfill the desire to access and own the hottest items from the world's most luxurious designer brands. That's why it is imperative for Bid The Style brand not to look like a high luxury brand but like something more accessible


Colors and typography

We started off our design by selecting main colour for neckless shape. Complementing the palette of Bid the Style colours is a strong and elegant violet for use as main dark background colour and as a main distinctive element in every key visual creation.

From the beginning we knew that we need something that goes beyond good graphic and key visual, something that will work regardless of those elements.

All the work on the attractiveness of typography was aimed at not only its readability but to ensure brand recognition and uniqueness, even without additional graphics.

Key visual

Creation of key visual was based on the desire of women to be stars in the spotlight. To look beautiful, attractive and have items that others desire at their fingertips.It was this desire to be a star which became the main motif of the brand.

Silhouette of a woman should extend outside the frame of the picture. This way it is showing that Bid the Style can go beyond boundaries relevant to the target group.

Stationary materials

Brand communication with customers and partners not only needs to be clear and specific. We think also that it requires a proper presentation. For the design of stationary we have selected the main theme developed as key visual.

Brand Book

Because Bid the Style works every day with more new partners and brands, description of the design and application of brand image is very important. We have gathered these rules, applied and presented them in an unusual way.