What do we offer.

Over the years, we have been able to convince our clients of our approach, offer and superior quality. We are proud to still support a myriad of these, even after many years. 

Our expertise, experience and independence can make design work for you.



Brand Experience

In a single day, your customers will see more than 15,000 advertisements. Will yours be the one they remember? Effective advertising is about strategic messaging, compelling creative, accurate placement and planned repetition.

We help businesses and brands to establish strategies and make a visual identity for effective communication with its customers. Our work will engage a consistent and effective dialogue and brand experience, covering all channels of its presence.


  Communication strategy

Creation and further development of the brand of your business requires conscious and consistent communication. We analyse customer’s marketing and business goals based on the target market and the competitors.

We translate analysis and insights resulting from the customer's needs into a communication strategy in traditional and digital media. We will present all the created solutions as a document describing how to build brand image and position it in the minds of consumers.

  Logo design

Logos are a method and a means to help your brand be instantly recognized by your target audience and to distinguish it from the competition. Your logo helps to create and reinforce awareness of your brand.

We offer an efficient process of logo design with the possibility of further refinement of the chosen concept. We always provide the full set of files, enabling you to work easily with it.  

  Visual identity

One of the strongest assets a company can have is its brand image and an identity that leaves the right impression with customers. Your brand’s visual identity has to be more than just aesthetic and pleasant, it is primarily effective communication of your business.

We design a visual style which, combined with the information you want to convey, forms an effective and memorable message. This includes business cards, folders, brand book, envelopes, letterhead, promotional gifts etc.

  Print design

In a single day, your customers will see more than 15,000 advertising materials. Will yours be the one they remember? Effective advertising is about strategic messaging, compelling creativity, accurate placement and planned repetition.

Whether it’s a catalogue, corporate brochure, banner, poster or an event stand, our studio knows how to incorporate print into your integrated marketing strategies.

Web & Interactive

We live in the digital age of interaction. This interaction requires a design that has to satisfy certain criteria, not only business or functional, but also psychological and aesthetic ones. We aim to emphasise the usefulness of our creation whilst disregarding any potential distractions.

  WEB & E-Commerce

By the time you finish reading this, your competition will be online selling its product. Trying to keep up can be a distraction, leaving the focus on your business’ growth in the rear view mirror. We stay ahead of the competition!

We design and develop websites which allow you to achieve your business goals. We plan how we want the user to view and interact with a website and its content.

In our portfolio and our offer you will find: Landing pages, Company websites, Portals, Social networking services.

  UI/UX (User Inferface/User Experience)

A positive user experience (UX) is essential for website design and the overall operation of a site that delivers on its objectives. No matter how good something looks, it has to work and navigate s(UI).

Our goal is to provide a product to be used. A product that has to satisfy certain criteria, not only business or functional. We aim to emphasise the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.

  Technical advice and support

A good idea for a project or campaign is not enough. To be successful you need good knowledge of the tools and technology to adequately implement it in the market.

Even before the project gets started, we provide you with ample consulting and support. This support goes throughout the lifetime of the project. Then, after its implementation, we offer you comprehensive support and further development. These services include not only product design and software development but also web service hosting and security.  

  Marketing strategy (SEO/SEM/Social)

Your brand is no longer defined by only its website or print materials. It lives on Facebook and Twitter and on smartphones and in email inboxes. Your brand is what people say about it and that is based on their experiences with it. We'll give your brand a voice and then make sure that voice is consistent across all channels.

We develop integrated campaigns, based on creative concepts, tailored to the unique nature and the language of communication of the brand. We create communities that attract the attention of Internet users and engage them to a deeper dialogue.