Knowledge, experience and a complex approach to client and projects.

DWG Design Group is a design and development studio that provides businesses and brands with unconventional, effective and useful solutions. In addition, we offer you constant advisory support during and after implementation.

We know that the best results lead to building a long-term business relationship with our customers. Together we achieve not only higher-quality projects, but also more efficient communication.

In our studio, we believe in stretching the boundaries of graphic design, while maintaining a strong commitment to artistry, aesthetic and quality in every work that we do.

Our goal is to provide the finest product.  A product that satisfies certain requirements, not only business or functional, but also psychological and aesthetic.  We aim to emphasise the usefulness of our creation whilst disregarding any potential distractions. 

Head of Design and Production

New Business Developer & PM

We never go after awards but we are flattered to have been recognized with the most sought after industry awards, as testament to our work.

  • 2017 Graphic Design - branding (Brass Willow)
  • 2016 Interaction Design - UI/UX (LivingBooks)
  • 2015 Interaction Design - webdesign (Bid the Style)
  • 2015 Wacom Gallery - branding (K.Bartkowiak)
  • 2014 Wacom Gallery - branding (Specialitaten)
  • 2014 Graphic Design - branding (Specialitaten)
  • 2014 Interaction Design - webdesign (Vazco)
  • 2014 Student Show - webdesign (Vazco)
  • 2014 Adweek Talent - branding (Specialitaten)
  • 2013 Graphic Design - branding (Finos)
  • 2013 Adweek Talent - branding (Finos)
  • 2013 Student Show - branding (Finos)
  • 2012 Interaction Design - webdesign (Liquid Image)

Our design process

We have worked on our design process throughout many years to make your project run smoothly with the best results possible.

Everything is possible.  Do you have a special request?  Need something done quickly? Feel free to ask.  One of our main goals is to stay flexible  whilst working with our clients. 

The process can be applied to all design practices that have the aim of providing  a good user experience. This includes web design, interface design, product design, editorial design and advertisement.


1. Project introduction

It all starts with listening.  We listen to your needs, wishes and goals.  Depending on the type of project, we can also offer our input based on our experience. 


2. Research and planning

Next, we research and look for the most efficient way to set up a plan and to bring your project on the road to success.  At this point, we take the industry and your competitors into consideration, analyzing their characteristics as well as their strenghts and weaknesses.  In the end, this will set your project apart and give you a competitive edge.   


3. Concepts

In order to achieve the best result possible, we brainstorm and sketch our ideas (this includes using cases, information layouts and interfaces).

This approach allows us to discuss many solutions without taking too much project time, as well as pre-test and refine best practices that help us to make your project happen.


4. Design and revise

We present our solution to you, explaining the reasons and design thinking behind it. We make revisions based on feedback and discussions to dispel any doubts and make the project even better.


5. Further creation and delivery

At this point, we can provide complete design presentation for final approval. If a project is bigger, we will establish some smaller milestones that we present and discuss with you to keep it on track exactly as we do with previous parts.


6. Implementation

We can provide you with an additional service based on your project needs. This includes web development, print service or quality control of implementation of prior work we did.


7. Support and further development

Completing the project is just the beginning. We are aware that every successful product is based on hard work and knowledge. That’s why we constantly measure the effectiveness of our projects, support our clients in developing their businesses and brands and planning the next step.

A long and fruitful co-operation is very important to us.

We aim to make a difference, we don’t go after every opportunity, we choose our projects.

We are rebels, we argue if we think we can achieve  better results for our clients.

We care about what we do, so we treat our clients and partners as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We think and innovate, so our products are designed to be used. They have to satisfy certain requirements, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic.